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Positional stock future tips

Positional future tips are specifically designed for Investors/ Traders who would like to earn strong Returns with no Leverage over a Short/Medium-Term Investment horizon. These set of stocks are frequently monitored and they remain under the observation of our analysis team. Sureshot Advisory is one of the Best Accurate Positional Advice NSE Stock Future Tips Provider in India. In this Service, We will provide maximum no of stocks as per market opportunity. To give best possible profits, our highly competent team of analyst is dedicated to give consistent, timely entry and exit and accurate advice to our customers. We will provide maximum no of stocks as per market opportunity. Appropriate entry, exit and follow ups till the calls closed to make sure that our customers can make highest returns for every Positional Future TipsWe provide stock future positional calls, positional trading tips for nse stock futures traders, best positional trading future calls, positional stock futures, accurate future positional calls, Best Positional Future Tips Provider Tamil Nadu, Stock Future Positional Future Calls Provider, NSE Positional Stocks Provider in India, Accurate Positional Future Stocks Providing Company Tamil Nadu, BTST/STBT and Positional Future Calls Provider Tamil Nadu. stock positional futures, best positional future tips provider, NSE share market positional calls for traders, online trading positional future tips, profit sharing positional tips,sure shot positional calls, Genuine stock future positional tips.

Special features

  We will provide 2-3 intraday positional future calls per week

  Tips from highly qualified Research Analysts.

  Clear entry level, Stoploss level and Target level will be mentioned.

  Telephonic Support during Trading hours

  Produces great results and improves profitability by a huge factor.

  Calls will be given through SMS or GTALK

  All SMS are sent to your mobile from our sender ID with instant delivery.

  We offer prompt follow up for every recommendation we make

Sample calls

SELL TATAGLOBAL below 177 TG1-175, TG2-173, SL-180 91 7530021800 11.13.42am

BUY INDIACEM above 206.40 TG1-208.80, TG2-210, SL-204 91 7530021800 11.13.42am

Follow-up Calls

TATAGLOBAL 1st TG 175 ACHIEVED BOOK FULL PROFIT AT 174.70 91 7530021800 11.13.42am

INDIACEM 1st TG 208.80 ACHIEVED 2ND TG 210 ACHIEVED 91 7530021800 11.13.42am