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Dear customer trade in this service capital amount minimum of Rs.10, 000 required for trade small quantity to get Rs. 1000 to 2000 per day with our strong recommendation tips

In sure shot stock cash tips we offer our clients to enough entry and exit time for the NSE Equity Cash Market calls for their smart trading with our genuine and well known recommendations. We are mostly recommended in NIFTY 50 calls and A Group Companies of calls with huge volume of trades. We recommended buy above and sell below type of calls for your proper entry and exit sample calls are given below for your referral. The Best stock cash tips, Stock cash tips, share cash tips, accurate cash tips, intraday cash tips, sure shot cash tips, best cash tips provider ,stock cash tips provider Equity cash market calls customer never ever seen in market we recommended for increase your wealth. NSE share market cash tips, online stock cash tips, trading cash tips, equity trading cash tips, sure shot cash tips for investor, Intraday Equity tips provider, stock cash tips, Intraday stock cash tips, Cash tips provider. accurate stock cash tips, stock cash tips and recommendations. Tips/Calls deliver via sms or gtalk mode for your trade. Manual and automated stock trading software tools with 5years of market data and global market reviews and using lot of calculators with news based our research team have a certified and qualified person with finance and economic background to provide you the best tips recommendations. Sure shot future Advisory Service provides accurate sureshot intraday trading tips in Tamilnadu, NSE share intraday tips, Stock Market Tips, Stock Cash Tips, Share cash tips You will never seen the best stock tips provider with high accurate with precise the target and financial advisor in NSE market in southindia, accurate cash tips provider, best cash tips provider,cash tips provider India

Special features

  We will provide 2-3 intraday equity cash calls daily

  Tips and Recommendations from highly qualified Research Analysts.

  Clear entry level, Stop loss level and Target level will be mentioned.

  Telephonic Support during Trading hours with our market experts

  Produces great results and improves profitability by a huge factor.

  Calls will be given through SMS or GTALK

  All SMS are sent to your mobile from our sender ID with instant delivery.

  Complete follow up and feedback taken every day for individual client admin login page for the entire paid customer with individual ID.

Sample calls

Buy Above equity cash intraday BHUSANSTL FUT above 64.30 TG1-65.30, TG2-65.70, SL- 63.30 91 7530021800 11.13.42am

Sell bellow Equity cash intraday MANAPPURAM FUT below 108.85 TG1-107.55, TG2-107, SL- 91 7530021800 11.13.42am

Follow-up Calls

Equity cash intraday buy call BHUSANSTL FUT 1st TG 65.30 ACHIEVED 2nd TG 65.70 ACHIEVED 91 7530021800 11.13.42am

Equity cash intraday sell below MANAPPURAM 1st TG 107.55 ACHIEVED 91 7530021800 11.13.42am