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Basic Rules

Intraday trading should be done without any ego. One should follow the market indicators to make decisions and not anticipate the market to perform as per personal expectations.

Flexibility and discipline are key for a successful trader. Do not be afraid to be a sheep.

Do not overtrade. Take a position only when you know your profit goal and know when to stop if the market goes against you. Trade with the trends rather than trying to pick tops and bottoms.

Calculate the risk/reward ratio before putting a trade on, then guard against holding it too long.

Establish your trading plans before the market opens to eliminate emotional reactions. Decide on entry points, exit points and objectives. Subject your decisions to only minor changes during the session.

Do not change during the session unless you have a very good reason. Follow your plan. Profits are for those who act, not react.

Once a position is established and stops are selected, do not get out unless the stop is reached or the fundamental reason for taking the position changes.

Use technical signals (charts) to maintain discipline - a vast majority of traders are not emotionally equipped to stay disciplined without some technical tools

Use discipline to eliminate impulse trading.

Have a disciplined and detailed trading plan for each trade such as, entry, objective and exit with no changes unless the hard data changes. Disciplined money management indicates intelligent trading allocation and risk management. The overall objective is end-of-the-year bottom line, not each individual trade. When you have a successful trade, fight the natural tendency to give some of it back.

Use a disciplined trade selection system: an organized, systematic process to eliminate impulse or emotional trading. You need to trade with a plan, not with hope, greed or fear.

The Ethical Rules For F & O Trading and Stock market Trading

 Have a Plan

 Every Stock is Not a Trade

 Don’t Buy a Merc if you can Afford Only a Motorcycle

 Limit your Trades to a Maximum of Three at Any One time

 Don’t Trade Stocks Which Don’t Have Heavy Liquidity

 Trade the Trend

 Timing Is All Important

 Trade the body of the Price Move

 Keep a check On Your Emotions

 Develop Consistency and Discipline

 Reality versus Belief

 A Trade is Born from a Positive Expectation Backed by a Positive Trend

 For Different Results, Things Have to Be Done Differently

 Don’t look to Make Money Everyday

Who Should NOT Join Us

We want to build a long and profitable relationship with our clients.It is therefore imperative that our clients' trading philosophy matches with ours.

Enlisted below are some important aspects that define our trading style.Read them carefully and if you agree to these, you are MOST WELCOME in our Group:

We do not trade compulsively. We only trade when there is a decent earning opportunity in the market with less risk. Such an opportunity may come at 10 AM or at 2 PM. We wait patiently for it.

We do smart trade and not daily trades. There are trades when the markets are extremely choppy and we are not clear about the direction. We prefer to wait and watch from the sidelines on such days. Once again, we are not compulsive traders. We like to trade only when we see a clear profit making opportunity.

We do not have daily targets. We are not here to earn for just one day. We have a monthly target in owlssoft and act accordingly. All our trades are done keeping in owlssoft our monthly target. We believe in winning the war, not a battle. For instance, if we lose Rs. 2,000 on each failed trade and win Rs. 3,000 on each winning trade, our target in a month with an investment of Rs. 10,000 will be to have at least 15 of these winning trades ( 15 X 3000= Rs. 45,000 ). In such a case, even if we lose Rs. 2,000 on 5 trading days ( 5 X 2000 = 10,000 ), we still achieving our monthly targets.

It is important that we trade emotionless, without greed or fear. Nobody can be 100% right in anything, leave alone the markets. An emotionless trader carries out his trades like a computer, with precision. Even if that means taking a loss when a stop-loss hits or seeing your targets being met after the stop-loss is hit. Never think about a trade which is past. Always think about the next trade. It takes a lot of courage to accept defeat and loss in the market. A successful trader should have it.